Your workforce: Educated, skilled and extensive

 Milton Keynes has a current workforce of 150,000 and a total staff catchment of 9.5 million within a 60 minute drive time. GVA per worker outstrips the UK average by 16%.

Milton Keynes is the home of the Open University. The University of Bedfordshire has a campus in Central Milton Keynes and Milton Keynes College delivers a diverse curriculum across three campus locations. These educational institutes deliver a young, vibrant and skilled workforce. Cranfield University, just 15 mins from Woodlands Business park is a post graduate and research based faculty specialising in science, engineering, technology and management.

England’s Economic Heartland

Milton Keynes is at the centre of the Oxford to Cambridge transport corridor.

  • Throughout the area 11.1% of the workforce are employed in ‘knowledge’ industry.
  • Many of the areas within the corridor have some of the highest levels of productivity per worker outside of London.
  • Across the Heartland, 32% of all residents between 16 and 64 years of age have a Level 4 or above qualification.
  • Clustering of highly skilled workforce within a 60 minute commuting distance, typically in areas of very high quality of life with good connectivity to London and/or in areas of high productivity, knowledge-led jobs.